The Facts

The Facts of Alcohol and Drinking

Alcohol is addictive, and cancerous desguised in several forms of drinks like beer, wine and spirits or hard liquor.

This website is here to help those struggling with addiction, anxiety , depression caused by alcohol consumption and how to quit drinking or stop drinking.  It is not for those that are on the one end of the spectrum and want to reduce drinking (but the help this site will provide will show you how to get alcohol out of your life as a habit –which if used enough or if one drinks enough will turn into a spiralling addiction).

This site is also probably not meant for those hard cases of addiction where hospitalization is happening or is very close – it will happen. I know more people dead from alcohol than I know from traffic accidents – which is not a good indicator of our culture. Alcohol is more of a problem individually, socially and culturally than traffic saftey ! and society has not pointed this out -either from lack of wanting to or the taxes that alcohol sales bring in but I have more faith that the latter is not the case.